Everything is hard in the beginning but can be made simple with little determination and rigorous practice. The learning path is ready and Typerunner helps in improving the speed and accuracy of one’s typing.

Touch Typing is the method of typing using the HOME ROW concept. Home Row consist of the alphabets A, S, D, F for left hand and ;, L, K, J for right hand. The small hump on F and J helps to keep the hands in position without seeing the keyboard. Here the typist learns to type by seeing the copy to be typed and not the keyboard. By regular practice the typist learns to type without seeing the keyboard and with great accuracy and this is called as Muscle Memory.

Learning typing will be an added advantage in ones career in the computer field. Competition is every where and we are always forced to prove ourselves. Typing fast with good accuracy will help in completing the work before others and will leave few footsteps ahead.

Typist Position

Typists should sit up straight, don’t go too close to the computer screen. Keep at least 50cm of distance gap between screen and the eyes. Don’t put the full body weight to the wrist as it will result in ache. Before that, chop the nails from both the hands and use the muscles to type and not the nails as it will slip typing.

Home Row Concept

Left Hand

  • A - Small Finger
  • S - Ring Finger
  • D - Middle Finger
  • F - Index or Forefinger

Right hand

  • ; - Small Finger
  • L - Ring Finger
  • K - Middle Finger
  • J - Index or Forefinger

Left or right Thumb can be used for the space bar depending on ones comfortability. Every time after typing each letter the fingers should rest on the base row for easy identity of keys.

Key Points:

Points to Remember